Eyes - 12 Facts About the Human Eyes You'll Find Interesting

Eyes – 12 Facts About the Human Eyes You’ll Find Interesting

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Human Eyes

Could you imagine life without sight or vision? Neither could we! The human eyes are what make life amazing. Whether we’re looking at the Grand Canyon for the first time or trying to read street signs because we’re lost in our cars. Our eyes help make life into something. Since our they’re simply one of the most interesting parts of the human body, we’ve provided you with some interesting facts to learn and perhaps, share with others who may also find it interesting.

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1. Colour Recognition

Did you know that the human eye can actually recognize somewhere in the area of 1 million different colours? Although, keep in mind this should be seen as more of an average as there are many people in this world that vary in terms of eye capabilities.

2. Are Your Eyes Brown?

You might find it interesting to know that brown is actually the most common eye colour in the entire world. So if your eyes are not brown, remember that you’ve got an extra unique feature.

3. Scared of Human Eyes?

You might suffer from ommetaphobia, or better explained as someone who is actually afraid of eyes. You might be thinking, “who in their right mind would be scared of human eyes!” Well, you might be surprised to know that it’s likely more common than you might think.

4. Think Fast!

That’s right, the eye is quicker than any other muscle in your body. It is able to react almost instaneously. Whether something simply catches your eye, or you see something that is coming at you unknowingly, the human eyes will actually be the first thing to react. This reaction is a combination between being learnt and being a natural aspect of the being.

5. Eye Size

When we think of eyes, we likely think of the way we see other people’s eyes. Well, you might find it interesting to know that when you look at someone else in the eyes, you are actually only seeing about 16% of their total eye. The rest is being hidden behind our eyelids and on the backside of the eyeball.

6. Are you Getting Dizzy?

Did you know that everything you look at in this world, is being seen upside down? That’s right. The human eyes perform their job opposite to how things appear for us. The brain is what will actually do the job of turning the vision right-side-up.

7. No Blinking!

The average person will blink more than 4 million times in a single year. To give you a bit more perspective, assuming a single blink requires only 20 milliseconds, you’ll spend over 230 hours every year blinking. Although, this shouldn’t be taken literally as we can multitask and unconsciously blink throughout the day without even realizing it.

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8. Impressive!

Did you know that the human eyes are actually capable of spotting a candle-sized flame from over 13 miles away? This is, of course assuming perfect conditions exist that allow unobstructed sight.

9. Ever Seen a Newborn Cry?

You probably have, but it’s unlikely they had tears. Newborns under the age of 6 weeks old may cry often, but the crying will never result in tears. They are unable to produce physical tears until 1.5-2 months old.

10. Lose a Lash?

Your eyelashes, which actually do provide functionality for the eyeball, will typically have a lifespan of about half of a year. Of course happening interchangeably, but your eyelashes tend to get lost every 5-6 months.

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11. Are Your Eyes the Same Colour?

Did you know that some people have different colour eyes? This is commonly known as heterochromia.

12. Your Eyes are With You For Good

Have you ever leant that your body sheds old cells and creates new ones? Well this is the case for everywhere in your body with the exception of some of the cells in the eyes, where they can be with you for the duration of your entire life.

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