Glasses Care - 5 Tips for Taking care of Your Eyeglasses

Glasses Care – 4 Tips for Taking care of Your Eyeglasses

Glasses Care

If you’re someone who regularly wears glasses, you’ll know that they seem to attract all sorts of dirt and debris. On top of that, they sometime get broken or worn after awhile, and that sucks! If you just bought a new pair of glasses, or are just trying to hold off spending money on a new pair, take these 5 tips on basic glasses care and find out what you can be doing today in order to lengthen the life of your glasses.

Cleaning Your Glasses

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Here is the number one mistake people make with their glasses care. The way they clean their glasses is often wrong, and is actually one of the contributors to ending up with scratch or unclear lenses. When you’re washing or cleaning your glasses, always do yourself a simple favour and rinse them off first. This will eliminate any large pieces of dirt that could otherwise scratch among the surface and create those small scratches you might notice on some older pairs of glasses.

Use the Right Glasses Care Products

Using products that are not meant for eyeglasses may cause a more significant amount of damage than you may think. For example, just because a product is meant to wipe away streaks from glass, does not mean they are okay to use on your glasses. Many product used to clean glass have certain chemicals in them and will damage any special coatings your glasses might have on them. Even if you didn’t opt for any special coatings, there is still likely some types of coatings on your lenses and this will still apply to you.

Have Your Case Handy

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Most pairs of glasses, if not all pairs of glasses come with a case designs specifically for them. Keeping your glasses in this case will help to not allow any accidents to happen to your glasses. For example, if you’re at the gym and don’t wear your glasses while working out, it’s a good glasses care practice to put your glasses in their case during your workout. This will help to not let them get dropped, get stepped on, or anything else that will end in a negative result.

Using the Right Cloth For Glasses Care

When cleaning your glasses, it’s important that you are using the right type of cloth to clean your glasses with. For example, the cloth that comes with your glasses is perfect for cleaning and wiping them. Even using the end of your shirt can end up leaving behind scratches on your lenses if your shirt is made out of something that isn’t 100% cotton.

Additionally, using a paper towel or something along the lines of a paper towel is usually going to end up in scratched lenses. No matter how smooth they may feel, they’re textured in a way that is not good for lenses.

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