Bifocal & Progressive Lenses - What is the Difference?

Bifocal & Progressive Lenses – What is the Difference?

Progressive Versus Bifocal

You may have heard the terms bifocal lenses and progressive lenses in the past and have been wondering what exactly is the key difference between the two types of lenses. It’s always better to be informed, especially when spending your hard-earned money on a pair of glasses that you hope will last you a long time.

progressive lenses

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses can be thought of as a three-in-one type of eyewear. They basically have three different lenses combined into one. You might be thinking, well why would I need three different lenses? Well we will explain. When you’re reading your favourite book or trying to read the menu at the restaurant, you’ll likely require a certain lens for things that are close up. Another distance, the medium distance, will require another special lens to allow you to see. Lastly, when you’re doing something like driving, you’ll require a lens that is specific for seeing things at a distance.

Positives for Progressives

Progressive lenses have some obvious positives, including the fact that they will be the only pair of glasses you’ll need, isn’t that great! The way they’re designed, they allow for you to switch between three different sight distances with the same pair of glasses, meaning you’ll always be able to see perfectly clear.

Negatives for Progressives

Progressives are obviously nice to have, once they are gotten used to that is. If you’re not used to wearing progressive lenses, you might require a bit of time to get used to them. Your brain will have to adjust to the new lenses a bit, but don’t worry, you’ll be seeing great in no time.

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Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals are another type of lens that is similar to progressives but with a few key differentiating aspects. First of all, bifocals offer the same idea as progressives, obtaining a lens that help someone see at different distances away. Bifocals, as you may be able to tell by the name, only offer two different distances with more distinct lines between the areas meant for further away distances and close distances.

Positives for Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses, although older than progressives, still have positives toward getting. The number one thing you’ll like about bifocals is the price. They’ll take a much smaller hit on your bank account and will still get the job done. If you’re on a budget, or prefer bifocal lenses over progressives, then you’re in luck.

Negatives About Bifocals

Simply put, it’s like buying a used car that is in great shapes. Bifocal lenses will do the job they are set out to do, but they’re old news. They’re made using less recent technology and for that reason, result in a lower price point.

progressives vs bifocals

Which Lens Should You Choose

The short answer here is that it depends. It depends on a variety of factors such as how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re looking to stick to a strict budget, bifocals will cost you less money than progressives. They’ll likely get the job done but maybe not as enjoyable. On the other hand, looking for functionality and not as concerned about pricing? We may recommend progressive lenses to suit you well. The way they’re engineered and designed, you’ll find they function much better than bifocals. Even though they’ll take the average person a little while to get used to, that’s minor when considering the life-long benefits you’ll experience from progressive lenses.

Still Undecided?

Don’t worry! Our team at LIfetime Eyecare can help you out. We’ve got a team of knowledgable and experienced individuals that can tell you all you need to know about different types of lenses and recommend a lens that is likely right for you. Give Lifetime Eyecare a call today or come visit us in store. The number one goal of our amazing team is to help you find the products you need to live a crystal clear life.

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