Foggy Glasses - 5 Tips to See Clearly When Wearing a Mask

Foggy Glasses – 5 Tips to See Clearly When Wearing a Mask

Foggy Glasses

If you’re someone who requires glasses in order to see the world better, you’ve likely experienced the issue of having foggy glasses. They’re annoying and they cause issues. Although wearing a mask to limit the spread of diseases and infection can benefit everyone, it seems that nothing comes without a cost. We’ve used our expertise to develop a few tips and tricks to avoid the issue of our glasses fogging up and we hope they will help you!


Make an Adjustment to Your Glasses

The easiest thing you can do in order to avoid foggy glasses is to adjust the positioning of your glasses and the way they’re on your face when you’re wearing a mask. By placing your glasses further away from your face or further down the bridge of your nose, the warm air escaping through the top of your mask is less likely to come into contact with your glasses. The warm air is typically what causes the lenses to fog. This is not a perfect solution but can act as a short term fix.

Additionally, Another way to avoid warm air exiting through the top of the mask is to better seal the mask at the top. Getting a mask that molds to the shape of your nose will make this solution much more viable and result in less foggy glasses.

Use an Anti-Fog Product

There are many products on the market that will work in the form of a spray or wax in order to reduce the issue of foggy glasses. Simply apply one of these products to your lenses and enjoy a zero-fog experience. With many different products available and many different application processes, ensure you read the directions or get expert help in order to maximize the result of the product.

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Foggy Glasses? Use Contacts

Another solution to foggy glasses is to get contact lenses. This is a much more extensive solution but will also guarantee fog is no longer an issue. Lifetime Eyecare can get you into the contact lenses that fit your needs and budget. Additionally, they don’t have to be worn all the time, they’re simply a great option for when you know you’ll be wearing a mask for longer periods of time.

Anti-Fog Glasses

Lifetime Eyecare also offers all sorts of special coatings to add to your glasses. Anti-fog coatings specifically will reduce the problems you experience with foggy glasses and can be utilized to help you see much better. In addition to anti-fog coatings, there are anti-scratch, UV, anti-reflective, mirror coatings and much more to choose from. These coatings are applied by professionals and are made to last long-term.

Foggy Glasses Might Need a Wash

If you’re looking for a cheap and pretty quick way to avoid foggy glasses, you might want to try washing them with warm water and soap. The soap will act as a light, clear film on your glasses. By having this soapy film on your lenses, they’re less likely to fog up when you’re wearing your mask. It’s important to add that you should always be careful when doing something like this as your lenses can scratch easily if you do not use the proper materials and follow the right process for handling lenses.

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Foggy Glasses

You may experience foggy glasses on more occasions than just wearing a mask. In some colder climate, transitioning from a cold area to a warm area can create almost instantaneous fog. These tips might be beneficial for you, even if you no longer require to wear a mask. On the other hand, if you’d rather leave your foggy glasses issue to the professionals, visit Lifetime Eyecare to get a worry-free solution.

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