Blue Light Glasses - What Are They and Do They Work?

Blue Light Glasses – What Are They and Do They Work?

Blue Light Glasses

You may have heard all the recent talk about blue light glasses and might be wondering what exactly they are and if they work or not. Blue light is the light that is emitted from our mobile devices, laptops, or any other screens that we may be exposed to during our day. As we become more and more connected to our devices, we’re seeing major increases in screen time. When we spend multiple hours a day staring at screens, this can make our eyes sore, tired, or strained. These special glasses will decrease the negative effects on our eyes during this time.

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What Can Blue Light Do to Us?

Blue light has been seen to cause a number of issues that have to do with our eyes. Society has not really seen this issue present until average screen time has began to increase greatly. Blue light can be linked to things like eyestrain and blurred vision. It could be causing an increased risk of developing cancer of different kinds and could also greatly affect your ability to fall asleep and get a good sleep in general. These issues can all be minimized by using blue light glasses.

How do They Work?

Blue light glasses are engineered to stop harmful blue light from coming into contact with your eyes. This has been found to make you feel less fatigued after an excess of screen time. Many users have found them to be very beneficial when looking at screens in a dark or dimly lit room with a brighter screen. They help your brain become less affected by the overwhelming light emitted from screens.

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Can Anyone Use Blue Light Glasses?

Absolutely! In fact, people who are exposed to an excess of screen time in any given day are encouraged to at least try blue light glasses. Even if you don’t require glasses or contacts to see, you can still buy non-prescription glasses with blue light technology incorporated in them. These glasses may not be something you are able to consciously notice but you will likely see the positive effects after a prolonged time looking at a screen or multiple screens.

Is Blue Light Protection Expensive?

Blue light glasses are typically not very expensive. The technology can be added to your prescription glasses or you can buy them on their own, no prescription required. If you’re looking for non-prescription, the frames will likely be the more expensive part versus the lenses. Perhaps the reason these types of glasses have become so popular is due to their affordability and the overall benefit received from after wearing them during screen time.

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Are They Right for You?

Blue light glasses are for all sorts of people! Maybe you work at a job where you’re looking at your computer screen all day. Or perhaps you like to play video games and get lots of screen time that way. Regardless, if you’re spending time on your screen, and you feel your eyes getting strained or hurting afterwards, you could likely benefit from at least trying out blue light glasses. if you think blue light glasses could be right for you, visit Lifetime Eyecare and find a solution that works for you.

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